Ri$k Happens: Back it on up — or maybe not!

Jun. 19, 2022 - By Mary Ann Gormly - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

One driver passed the street he wanted to turn down and rather than going around the block he backed up to make his turn.

Another driver decided to stop for gas at the last minute and backed up to turn into the gas station.

The third driver thought it would be OK to reverse to get into the left turn lane rather than taking the next turn a couple of blocks down the road.

In each of these instances the drivers for the rental stores backed into other drivers behind them on the roadway. All the vehicles that were hit sustained a fair amount of damage. One was so badly smashed that it was not drivable and had to be towed from the scene. Many of the fluids drained from the engine onto the roadway so there would be costs associated with cleanup, too.

All three accidents were reported to the insurance company for the rental stores and will be paid for according to the policy language. Two of the rental store vehicles sustained damage, too.

Remind your drivers that while it is important to be on time and arrive when they are supposed to, they also need to arrive safely and without causing accidents on their way.

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