ARA works to help with staffing needs

Jan. 09, 2022

The American Rental Association (ARA) is asking for feedback to help align the association’s 2022 workforce initiatives with the industry’s staffing needs.

On Thursday, Jan. 6, and Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, ARA emailed the Rental Industry Staffing Outreach Survey to the primary contact for general members. The email subject line was “Take ARA Quarterly Survey - Do you have all the people you need to run and grow your business?” Inside the email, recipients will find a link to the survey. This survey will be used to help create initiatives moving into the new year.

Previous survey data resulted in the development of the association’s 2021 initiatives which included the launch of the ARA Job Board in April 2021. Since the job board began, ARA has posted more than 14,000 open positions and more than 500,000 candidates have reviewed those openings. ARA is partnering with other job boards to include diversity and outreach programs that expand the reach to additional candidates. ARA is marketing these open positions to more than 1,000 tech/trade/driving/event school programs that are pipelines for current and future staffing.

ARA also is connecting with high schools to “Educate the Educators” about rental careers. To create more “Rental Awareness” within the student demographic, ARA has recently created and launched a free ARA Student Membership for the high school and post-secondary levels.

All these initiatives were developed from previous survey data and member feedback.

ARA will use the Rental Industry Staffing Outreach Survey results along with the job board data to specifically target its 2022 marketing/recruitment efforts.

“If you have an open position that you have not yet posted, please do so as soon as possible. Remember, you receive five free job postings per year,” says Keith Pearson, ARA’s director of workforce development. “Also, please help us to align our efforts to meet your hiring needs by completing the Rental Industry Staffing Outreach Survey and add your open positions today.”

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