Genie, A Terex Brand, tool kit

Sep. 26, 2021

A calibration tool kit available from Genie, A Terex Brand, Redmond, Wash., and Genie Parts, includes everything service personnel should need to do a full-load calibration test of Genie boom lifts equipped with digital Load Sense.

Introduced in 2017, the company’s digital Load Sense has no linkages, no springs and no actuating parts. It continuously monitors the weight in the platform and adjusts the operating envelope according to the boom lift’s load chart. In addition to testing the load sense system as part of the annual inspection, if a platform component is replaced due to damage, a zero-load calibration can be performed to verify that Load Sense is operating correctly. By following 10 steps and using the kit, zero load calibration can be completed in as little as 30 seconds.

The kit, which will be available globally and is compatible with most Genie boom lifts equipped with the digital load sense system, includes approved rigging, scale, chain hoist and instruction manual all contained in a portable carrying case. The chain hoist is used to put tension on the scale to apply the appropriate calibration weight.

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