Generac Power Systems and Enchanted Rock enter partnership

Sep. 26, 2021

Generac Power Systems, Waukesha, Wis., has entered into a five-year development agreement with resiliency microgrid innovator Enchanted Rock, Houston, to build and supply its advanced natural gas generators and control systems. Enchanted Rock designs, builds, operates, and maintains ultra-low emissions dual-purpose microgrids that provide commercial, industrial and government customers with backup power and supply electric grid operators with critical grid stability services that accelerate the adoption of wind and solar, the company says.

“We are excited to have Generac as a key technology partner as we continue our mission to develop and deploy advanced power resiliency systems across the United States,” said Ian Blakely, chief technology officer, Enchanted Rock. “As we continue to grow with our direct customers and utility partners across new geographies, expanding our supply chain with a market leader such as Generac helps us in our goal to meet our quality, price and performance standards.”

“Generac and Enchanted Rock are dedicated to innovation and creating a disruptive force in the marketplace,” said Jamie Smith, vice president sales, Generac Power Systems. “We both believe in providing peace of mind to our customers, as well as worry-free protection from extended grid outages. These core beliefs led us to this mutually beneficial partnership to help strengthen our commitment to supplying the highest quality power generation products available.”

The microgrid solutions will be based on Generac’s rich-burn gaseous engine technology and newly acquired Deep Sea Electronics control systems, which provide quick-start, utility-grade backup power in a much cleaner format when compared to traditional diesel generator solutions.

“Natural gas-fueled generators provide a reliable and cleaner source of power that ideally fits this business model,” said Corey Honl, senior director global industrial solutions, Generac Power Systems. “By leveraging and integrating Generac’s expertise into Enchanted Rock’s generator design, we can deliver the most reliable, robust, and flexible product for use in a large array of applications.”

The new units will be manufactured at Generac’s Oshkosh, Wis., facility, and will feature Enchanted Rock’s patented quiet design and compact footprint to protect businesses from interruptions during power outages. The generator systems will be utilized in a variety of microgrid applications and will be continuously monitored and maintained by Enchanted Rock to help ensure the highest level of availability.

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