Culture shift: The impact of ignoring toxic behavior on your team

Jun. 13, 2021 - By Galen Emanuele

Today’s topic is one that I’m presenting to leadership on behalf of every employee in the entire universe.

This conversation was inspired from a recent discussion with a colleague about a quote that I had seen, which was, “Tolerating a problem has the same consequences as not being able to identify it.” Of course, context is everything when applying wisdom in business. In this case, specifically when it comes to employees and performance or behavior, I think that the consequences of tolerating the problem are actually far worse.

As a leader, when your employees observe you being aware of or tolerating a problem, and doing nothing about it, it damages not only your relationship with those employees but also your reputation, and the morale of the entire team.

When an employee sees that from their leader, there only are a few reasonable interpretations that they can make of why you won’t take action to correct it. Find what those are in the June issue of Rental Management magazine.

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