Ri$k Happens: Firm berm

Jan. 17, 2021 - By Mary Ann Gormly, CERP - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A snowstorm came through overnight and into the morning. The driver for a rental store was on his way to a location where several tents were set up. He knew the snow needed to be knocked off the top of the tents to prevent damage to the tents and the items underneath if the weight of the snow caused the tents to collapse.

The employee was driving cautiously since the roads had not been plowed recently in this particular part of the city. As he eased down a side road, he saw another truck in the distance headed his way. That truck was larger and was taking up more space on the snow-covered road.

As the larger truck passed the rental store’s truck, the driver moved over as close as he could to the far-right side of the road to give the larger vehicle more space.

A snow berm caught the tire of the pickup and spun it around. The rental truck struck the side of another vehicle traveling in the other direction. Both drivers were OK, but there was damage to each of the vehicles. The damage will be repaired according to the wording in the rental store’s policy. 

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