Ri$k Happens: Pedal to the metal

September 2020 - Angela Cady, AIC - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

The rental store employee’s husband and teenage son pulled up to the rental store to pick her up at the end of her shift. The teenage son was in the driver’s seat. He was practicing his driving so that he could work toward obtaining his full license. After the employee got in the car, her son attempted to back up. He accidentally put the car in drive instead of reverse. Realizing his mistake, he quickly attempted to brake. In his haste, he hit the accelerator instead and lurched forward into the side of the rental store.

No one was injured but the rental store now had a large unsightly dent in the wall. The employee promised the rental store owner she would pay for the damage. The rental store owner arranged for a contractor he trusted to give him an estimate.

Time went by and not only did the employee not pay for the damage, but she also stopped showing up to work. The frustrated rental store owner decided to turn in a claim to his own insurance. He decided to let them handle the damage then try to recover whatever was paid out from the at-fault party.

The rental store owner also decided to install some parking blocks and bollards in front of the rental store. Since there was little space between the customer parking and his building, he hoped this would reduce further chances of unfortunate incidents.

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