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Introduction from the Vice President

Photo of John McClelland, Vice President, Government Affairs

John W. McClelland, Ph.D.
Vice President
Government Affairs

Welcome to the Government Affairs section of the ARA web site. The pages in this section are designed to give you a sense of the importance that government affairs have on your equipment rental or supplier business. Government Affairs includes not only legislative issues but also regulatory issues, and both aspects impact your business and the financial bottom line. 

The ARA Government Affairs program encompasses both state and federal issues. We rely upon ARA members who volunteer to step forward and represent ARA to state and federal legislators. Every Congressional district in the U.S. has at least one ARA member. ARA has state associations in the majority of states, and state association leaders interact with their state legislators on the rental industry’s key issues. Information about the primary federal and state legislative and regulatory issues of the equipment rental industry are provided on these web pages.

A Government Affairs Committee made up of volunteers from ARA’s general and associate membership identify the Association’s issues. ARA sponsors a National Legislative Caucus each spring in Washington, D.C., where state and national ARA volunteer leaders meet with their Representatives and Senators to discuss these key industry issues. ARA also sponsors a Leadership Conference each year where government affairs issues are discussed among leaders within the ARA membership. ARA also works with affiliated state associations to sponsor state Legislative Days and other activities that are aimed at speaking directly to state legislators and agency personnel about critical rental issues within each state.

In this section, you’ll also find information on ARAPAC, ARA's political action committee. ARAPAC is a nonpartisan federal PAC that contributes to candidates for federal office. By visiting the ARAPAC section of this website, you can become an ARAPAC member, supporting those who support the equipment rental industry.

ARA members can become involved in the government affairs program in a number of ways at the state and national level. Members also can register to vote on this web site, send correspondence to state or federal legislative offices and learn the political news of the day. 

ARA is your resource to become politically active for the benefit of your business within the equipment rental industry and to represent the industry voice in Congress and your Statehouse.

Thanks for taking the time to get involved!

John W. McClelland
Vice President
Government Affairs


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