Skyjack leak containment system and rapid fold rails

August 2020

The ECOTRAY leak containment system for DC electric scissors from Skyjack, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, prevents potential leaks from hydraulic systems dripping onto floors and other internal components. The product can help protect sensitive areas during work on decorative flooring, clean rooms and areas where hygiene and fear of chemical contamination are of concern.

The system is available as a factory install or field kit option. As a field kit, ECOTRAY can be fitted within 10 minutes and has been designed to be installed without the need for tools, the company says.

The company also has released its RAPIDFOLD system that is now supplied with the company’s SJ3219 ANSI model. The new system allows the top of the platform rails to quickly fold down and enable access through standard doors and other areas with restricted space.

With the introduction of ANSI 92.20, the requirements for additional rail height, when applied to SJ3219 scissor lift designs, meant that the machines would no longer fit through a standard 80-in. door or entryway. The addition of RAPIDFOLD restores the ability to fit through doors with ease, the company says.

The rails feature a quick release mechanism that takes seconds to fold the rails to under 80 in. Once through the door, the rails can be raised back to the required rail height.

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