Ri$k Happens: Stop, go, I don’t know!

Sep. 18, 2022

Sometimes it is hard to outguess another driver. A rental store delivery driver arrived at a four-way stop at the same time as another driver. Both drivers then motioned to each other, waving the other person on. The rental store delivery driver paused for a moment to see if the other driver would go. The other driver did not. The rental store driver decided he had the right of way anyway. He proceeded forward into the intersection. However, the other driver also proceeded into the intersection at the same time and a collision occurred.

The rental store delivery driver followed his store’s established accident reporting procedures. He made sure the other driver was all right, filed a police report and took pictures of the scene. The rental store manager later reported the incident to the insurance provider so that the damage to their vehicle could be handled. The matter is ongoing.

Being aware of the rules that govern four-way stops is an excellent start towards improving your safe driving. Always proceed with caution, however. One never knows if the other driver is as familiar with the rules of the road as he or she should be.

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