Ri$k Happens: Moving day mishap

Jul. 03, 2022 - By Mary Ann Gormly - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

Rental store employees were scurrying about relocating equipment in their showroom and out on the lot. Equipment of all sizes was being moved from the warehouse to put on display while other pieces were being stored. They were gearing up for their busy time of year and they liked to keep items applicable for the season up front and visible.

They had a lot to do before the end of the day, so some shortcuts were taken. For example, a larger compressor needed to be moved from one side of the lot to the other. Two employees decided to lift the compressor into the bed of a pickup truck and move it that way because they couldn’t find a dolly not in use and they wanted to get finished.

They hoisted the compressor into the bed of the truck and started driving across the lot. At one point, they took a slight right turn and then sped up just a bit. The tailgate had been left down and the compressor was not secured for the short trip, so it rolled out of the pickup. The forward momentum carried it into the side of a customer’s car parked in the lot.

Two claims had to be reported to the company's  insurance company. One was for damage to the compressor and the other was for the dent in the customer’s car. Remind your employees to properly secure equipment whether it will be moved across the lot or across town.

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