Brothers For Bryce fundraiser sees outpouring of support from the industry

Jun. 19, 2022

Six-year-old Bryce Linton may be the son of just two event rental industry leaders but on Saturday, June 11, in a special celebration of his resiliency as he recovers from a recent bone marrow transplant, he was honored like a child of all in the community.

The Brothers For Bryce fundraising event saw hundreds come together to support Bryce at a Worcester Bravehearts baseball game at Fitton Field in Worcester, Mass.

Bryce, the son of Julie Creedon-Linton, CERP, vice president, Creedon and Co. in Worcester, who also serves as American Rental Association (ARA) Region One director, and Michael Linton, CERP, owner, Michael’s Party Rentals, Palmer, Mass., was born with Hyper IgM, an immunodeficiency rendering his body unable to fight viruses or bacterial infections.

For a lengthy stretch of his life, Bryce has needed plasma-based infusions to help his immune system functioning. This has meant restrictions on common activities that boys his age love to take part in, like swimming in lakes and playing with farm animals.

Bryce’s condition inspired the establishment of Brothers For Bryce, a campaign to bring awareness, educate and encourage people to join the “Be the Match” stem cell/bone marrow registry to help deliver life-saving treatment. After a two-year wait, a bone marrow donor was found for Bryce in Germany and in May 2022, he underwent a transplant procedure at Boston Children’s Hospital. Bryce has seen successful results so far, but many milestones are still required for him to be considered fully cured.

During the aftermath of the transplant process, Bryce endured pain and the side effects of a chemotherapy regimen, but was well and spirited enough to attend the fundraising event, have some fun and witness the outpouring of support from relatives, friends, and his extended rental family from across the region and the U.S.

“The event was an example of how a community can come together to support friends and family. The Creedon-Linton family has gone through unimaginable struggle in recent months, and it was an amazing opportunity to be there for them,” says Sarah Wilper, director of communications, Mazzotta Rentals, Middletown, Conn., who co-organized the event with Stefani Donabedian, marketing director, Resolute Industrial, Worcester, Mass.

“It was heartwarming to see how many people came — about 200 people attended. We got to see ARA faces from Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina and Massachusetts,” says Donabedian.

“This event illustrates why rental is the best industry — dozens of rental professionals from all over the country took time out of their busy schedules to travel and support this very deserving family. In a world that doesn’t deliver a lot of good stories, this was a great story!” says Jeff Crotto, CERP, president, All About Events – Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fla., who traveled to the event.

In addition to the outpouring of support, the event raised a significant amount of funds to help Bryce’s family with the costs associated with his treatment.

“We knew attendance would be tough for the rental community as this is the busy season, which is why we sold merchandise and raffle tickets online. We saw sales come in, but what we saw more of was donations that flowed in daily from across the country from those who wanted to help but could not physically make the event. We were fortunate to have so many donors of table linens, t-shirts, auction/raffle items, food, entertainment and more. The event would not have been as successful if it were not for them,” Donabedian says, figuring that approximately $34,000 has been raised between sales of donated merchandise, raffle tickets and proceeds from a silent auction held onsite.

“The entire Creedon-Linton family was able to join us, which made the celebration 10 times stronger,” Wilper says. “We got to watch an entire group of rental children run around and play together, and for a short time, it seemed like the worries of the last few months faded away. So many of us run our businesses in a family setting. This event just goes to show how much we are family within ARA. To come together at a time like this and find the good in the situation was an experience I will never forget.”

The guest of honor also had an unforgettable experience during the event, one that for him may even have exceeded the warm wishes of attendees.

“The highlight of my day was watching Dan Morris [general manager of Kennebec Equipment Rental, Fairfield, Maine] drive Bryce, his brother, Brodie, and the team mascot onto the field in his race car for the first pitch. I could see Bryce’s smile through his mask and could tell he thought he was a pretty cool dude, but what made it even more special was the smile on Julie and Michael’s faces — that was something I hadn’t seen in a long time. This family is the toughest one I know, what they have endured and persevered through is beyond incredible,” Donabedian says.

“We are speechless at the outpour of support,” says Julie on behalf of her family. “We knew we had made great connections in our industry, but we could never have imagined how many people were willing to help us. Our expectations for working with ‘Be the Match’ was to help others reduce their wait time to find their match; we knew we wouldn’t find Bryce’s match through our campaign. We were lucky to find that selfless individual who could help Bryce after two years’ searching. The event took a lot out of Bryce but he, Michael, Brodie and myself couldn’t have been more happy to be at this event together after six weeks of being separated. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends in and out of the industry!”

Those interested in learning more about how to help connect searching patients with life-saving marrow donors, or to sign up for the registry to “Be the Match” for someone in need, can visit

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