Ri$k Happens: What the shell?

May. 08, 2022 - By Mary Ann Gormly, CERP - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A small pickup truck flew past a delivery truck on the highway. As it did, the camper shell of the truck swayed just a little before flipping up and flying down the highway behind the pickup. The driver of the small pickup kept going.

The camper shell landed on the highway in front of the rental store’s delivery driver. He didn’t have time to react before it hit his truck. He pulled over to the shoulder of the highway as soon and as safely as he could.

He called his manager and they made arrangements to have the delivery truck towed to their chosen repair facility. There was damage to the radiator and other items underneath the truck. They reported the accident to their insurance company and provided the dashcam video showing exactly what had happened.

The insurance company will pay for damages to the delivery truck according to the wording in their insurance policy. They will try to find out who owned the truck that lost its shell and attempt to collect from them the cost of the damage.

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