Safely working during a heat wave

May. 08, 2022

This week parts of the south-central United States will experience the region’s first heat wave of the year.

According to AccuWeather meteorologists, “temperatures that are typical of midsummer will expand across much of the central Plains and the Ohio Valley to the Great Lakes region and even part of the interior Northeast as well next week.”

In much of the Central states, it will feel like the weather has jumped forward by two months, making it suddenly feel like July.

In the south-central region of the country, temperatures will average 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above normal at the peak of the heat wave.

Drastic changes in weather and heat waves can cause unsafe working conditions. There are several precautions employees and employers should take to ensure everyone stays safe. To help, Rental Management’s May Safety Issue focuses on working during rising temperatures. Several articles offer tips and highlight the importance of implementing heat-related practices:

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