Volvo CE creates connected map for all machines

May. 08, 2022

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), Gothenburg, Sweden, has released its Connected Map solution, a positioning service which provides a visualized site overview for all machines — including non-Volvo machines — and vehicles on a site.

The map is accessible by personnel in the machines via Volvo Co-Pilot or Android/iOS device and in the office via the Office Portal web platform.

“With Connected Map, users benefit from complete job site visibility. It gives them a visual overview in real time of the position of every machine, every vehicle and every visitor on a site connected to the app, helping to make their operation more efficient and more productive,” said Azadeh Fazl Mashhadi, service offer owner site solutions, Volvo CE.

The Connected Map works by extracting the positioning data from machine telematics or Android/iOS devices with SIM cards and uploads it to a cloud-based Volvo platform. Whether a Volvo machine, non-Volvo machine, vehicle or temporary site visitor, Connected Map will visualize the position of any unit on site which has the App installed — either in the Volvo Co-Pilot or in an Android/iOS device.

For non-Volvo machines which are regularly on site, Volvo recommends fitting the machine with a generic/non-Volvo Co-Pilot with Map App. This can be purchased as an aftermarket option through the Volvo dealer or alternatively, non-Volvo machine operators can gain access in the Site Map App via any Android/iOS device with a SIM card. Temporary site visitors can also access the app in the same way, enabling easy site familiarization.

Connected Map will visualize a host of typical job site features and landmarks, including roads to assist operators in navigating around the site, load zones, dump zones, speed zones as well as restricted zones. Points of interest such as offices, workshops and fuel stations can also be visualized, especially helpful for new or temporary operators. Single lane (narrow road) sections can be defined, notifying the operator if another machine is approaching within a single lane section helping to avoid traffic congestion.

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