AMECO acquires F&M MAFCO

May. 08, 2022

AMECO, a provider of construction and maintenance Site Services® planning and delivery, has acquired F&M MAFCO, an international supplier of tools and equipment rental, sales and service programs. Company headquarters will remain in AMECO’s Greenville, S.C., facility. F&M MAFCO will maintain a significant operations presence in Cincinnati.

“The transformational combination of these two great brands and teams creates a comprehensive Site Services offering that is truly unprecedented in our industry,” said Gary Bernardez, CEO, AMECO. “Our combined strengths enable us to expand the boundaries in providing innovative site solutions to our clients on capital construction, facility operations and maintenance projects across a greater geographical reach. This is a game changer.”

Tim Fries, F&M MAFCO’s CEO, was named chief growth officer of both organizations and president of F&M MAFCO. He will report directly to Bernardez and be responsible for developing and implementing a long-term growth strategy that fully leverages the synergies of both businesses to drive comprehensive solutions to client.

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