Mazio skid paver

May. 08, 2022

The skid-steer mounted SKID paver from Mazio, Port St. Lucie, Fla., features a 1.5-cu.-yd. hopper capacity, a paving width of up to 6.2 ft. and a paving speed of 82 ft./min. The SKID paver can be installed on any type of ISO 24410 skid-steer loader. The unit works with hot or cold mix asphalt, paving asphalt thicknesses of 2 in. up to 10 in. Liquid propane gas (LPG) heaters keep material heated to 284 degrees Fahrenheit. The 108.25-in. hopper receives asphalt material directly from the haul truck, allowing for front or side loading, and automatically feeds to a 7.9-in. auger.

The machine’s retractable hydraulic screed allows the operator to work around obstacles. The paver can be operated forward and backward from cab or via a wireless remote control, which provides the operator a complete view of the work in front of the paver. All functions operate hydraulically.


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