Ri$k Happens: The arsonist strikes back

Nov. 28, 2021 - By Angela Cady, AIC - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

The small grocery store owner arrived at his store only to see the flashing lights of fire trucks. This was the second time in two months. He was fed up. Vandals had set the store’s trash compactor on fire a few weeks back. The store owner scheduled to have the unit repaired, but before the repair man even made it out the unit was set on fire again. This time the damage was extensive. The owner cancelled the repair order and hired a company to come remove the debris instead.

The company hired to remove the burned unit rented equipment from a rental store to get the job done. They took the rented equipment to the grocery store and left it there so it would be ready for the job the next day.

The next morning, more fire trucks were visible at the scene. The trash compactor had been hit again, but this time the rental store’s equipment had also been torched.

The rental store owner tried to get his rental customer or the grocery store owner to pay for his damaged equipment, but they quickly stopped answering his calls. The rental store owner put in a claim with his own insurance provider for his damaged equipment. The insurance company will attempt to recover whatever is paid out from the responsible parties.

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