Mecalac North America rail industry solutions

Nov. 21, 2021

The MRail-Series excavator line from Mecalac North America, Norfolk, Mass., consists of four models, including two tracked excavators and two wheeled excavators that are positioned on hi-rail wheels to travel on railways. The two tracked models, 106MRail and 136MRail, with operating weights of 10 and 13 tons respectively, are based on the MCR crawler skid excavator concept. The 106MRail can travel up to 6.2 mph on ground and 14.3 mph on rails. The 136MRail can travel up to 6.2 mph on ground and 14.3 mph on rails.

Based on the MWR wheeled excavator, the 156MRail and 216MRail models provide solutions tailored to rail networks, different track sizes and available workspace. The 156MRail model features travel speeds up to 21 mph on the ground and 18.6 mph on rails. The 216MRail model can reach up to 24 ft. 7 in. and travels at speeds up to 18.5 mph on both ground and rails. The 156MRail and 216MRail models offer operating weights of 15 and 21 tons respectively.

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