Ri$k Happens: Interrupt disrupt

Oct. 17, 2021 - By Angela Cady, AIC - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A customer rented some equipment from the rental store. The store employee checked the customer out, then directed him to pull his truck around so that an employee could hook everything up to the customer’s truck. As the employee was working, the customer shouted a question out of his truck window. The employee turned to answer it, then returned to his work fastening the safety chain in place.

The customer pulled out of the parking lot over a dip from the lot and the road. The equipment came disconnected as it went over the bump. The customer, unaware, started to accelerate then slow to make his turn. The safety chain pulled the equipment into the back of the customer’s truck causing damage.

The rental store employee saw the whole thing and realized that after the distraction, he had forgotten to finish securing the trailer hitch. A claim was started with the rental store’s insurance carrier. The matter is under investigation.

Remind your employees that it is always a good idea to double check their work, especially when they are distracted or interrupted.

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