Risky Business: Some but not all

Sep. 26, 2021

A man and his family were on vacation a state away from their home. They were camping and spending time together as a family while seeing the sites along the way. They took side roads whenever they could to better view the often-unseen parts of the U.S. and landmarks off the beaten path.

A large rental store truck loaded with an excavator was in front of them on one leg of their journey. The road wound through beautiful countryside lined with large pine trees as far as they could see. They enjoyed the view and decided they would stop at the next local diner they came across and eat lunch. That also would allow the large truck to move a little farther down the roadway ahead of them.

A couple of miles later, the truck in front of them struck a bridge with the excavator. As the arm of the machine hit the overpass, a hydraulic line broke and sprayed fluid all over the front of their van and rocks and debris rained down around them. The man slowed to a stop as soon as the fluid covered his windshield. At the same time, his windshield cracked.

Learn how photos taken at the scene of the accident ended up benefiting a rental store in Rental Management’s September safety issue.

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