Douglas Drummond Sr.

Jun. 13, 2021

Douglas Drummond Sr., 76, of Northport, Mich., died May 29, 2021. In 1985, Drummond and his wife, Lisa, purchased National Editorial Services, which he ran for the rest of his life. As a true networker, he worked with clients around the world, including some in the equipment manufacturing industry.

In addition to his wife, Drummond is survived by his children, Dina Drummond, Douglas Drummond Jr., Claire (Samuel) Baushke, James Drummond and Kathryn Drummond; grandchildren, Amanda (Mike) Kruk, Connor Wiseman, Breghan Drummond, Logan Drummond, Leo Baushke and Hazel Baushke; great-grandchildren, Koen Kruk, Aster Kruk, Cedar Kruk, and Minori Tachibana; and many nieces and nephews.

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