Komatsu America Corp. dozer

Feb. 21, 2021

The 237-hp D71EX/PX-24 dozer from Komatsu America Corp., Chicago, is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission (HST). The machine features a slant-nosed HST, which is available with the company’s latest intelligent machine control (iMC) 2.0 capabilities. Lift layer control optimizes earthwork productivity with the press of a button and maintains compaction quality by automatically controlling lifts to the desired height. Excess fill is eliminated as automatic blade control follows the finish surface once lifts have reached finished grade.

Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing and reduces operator steering input. Proactive dozing control allows less experienced operators to automatically cut/strip from existing terrain. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass, improving productivity.

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