LiuGong Construction Machinery North America excavator

September 2020

The 909ECR excavator from LiuGong Construction Machinery North America, Katy, Texas, features a limited tail-swing design with a wide undercarriage. The machine has a lifting capacity at ground level of more than 11,500 lbs. along with an operating weight of 19,180 lbs. The machine is powered by a 62-hp Yanmar engine and has an improved cab design offering operators better line-of-site as well as standard features like rear cameras, proportional joystick controls, air suspension seat and an enhanced monitor. An operator can control and diagnose high-level machine operations through the monitor.

Steel tracks with rubber street pads come standard. A boom slew allows operators to dig parallel to the blade. While working in an offset position alongside obstacles, the swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks.

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