ARA’s new C.S.E. program teaches your drivers and helps you stay in OSHA compliance
By Connie Lannan

ARA’s new C.S.E. program teaches your drivers and helps you stay in OSHA compliance

The latest version of the American Rental Association’s (ARA) Clean. Safe. Essential. (C.S.E.) program has expanded from its initial response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to focus on other pertinent areas such as the safe and proper way to secure and load equipment.

And yet you might not be aware that this version offers another tremendous value — downloadable and customizable documents that can keep you in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

These documents — the COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan and the General Pandemic Response Plan — are all required by OSHA to be on file at every rental operation.

“There are OSHA requirements associated with keeping one’s employees safe and healthy in the workplace. This includes things like COVID-19 and pandemic response plans. It is up to the employer to have these written policies and procedures on file. Particularly as it relates to COVID-19, OSHA wants to ensure that if employees are reporting to work that the employer is abiding by their responsibility to keep their employees safe and healthy. Many small and mid-size operations might not even be aware that these plans are required by OSHA. A rental operator does not want to be out of compliance as that could result in significant monetary fines,” says Kevin Gern, ARA director of safety.

Because of their importance to every rental operation, ARA has provided these documents at the end of the new 2021 C.S.E. program, which is available now on RentalU, ARA’s educational platform.

“These general guidance documents apply to every rental operation,” Gern says. “They can be easily downloaded and customized to make them specific to a particular rental operation. For instance, when a rental operator types in their company name at the top of the document, it will autofill their company’s name in the appropriate spots throughout the document. We have made these documents as easy to use as possible because we know how busy rental operators are. Our entire goal is to make our members’ lives easier. I believe these documents do just that.”  

Click here to start your C.S.E. training and begin your road to compliance. It will benefit your drivers and your entire operation. The training program — great as a first-time or continuing education opportunity — is just 45 minutes long and presents material via videos and interactive elements.

Connie Lannan

Connie LannanConnie Lannan

Connie Lannan is special projects editor for Rental Management. She helps plan, coordinate, write and edit ARA’s quarterly regional newsletters, In Your Region. She also researches, writes and edits news and feature articles for Rental Management, Rental Pulse, supplements, special reports and other special projects. Outside of work, she loves to bake for others, go for walks with her husband and volunteer for her church and causes she believes in.

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