ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Alberto Pianelli

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Since 2013, Alberto Pianelli has been making the most of his ARA YPN membership. Alberto has been working in the family business, F&B Rentals in California, for years, and credits a lot of his career advancement to experiences offered through the YPN - networking, advocacy, and leadership training to name a few - that developed him as a leader in the rental industry. Learn more about his experiences and how you can get involved too in this month’s member feature!

ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Katlyn Goff, CERP

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Katlyn Goff, CERP, is excited for a year of networking and progress in the rental industry. Having recently attended her first YPN event in San Antonio, Katlyn's interest was piqued in making a larger difference at a state level, resulting in her joining the ARA of Kentucky board. Learn about her industry experiences, what she’s working towards this year, and more in this month’s member feature!   

ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Allison McIntosh

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Allison McIntosh, YPN member since 2021, spent her January diving into the Women in Rental Summit and YPN Conference! From comradery to new experiences, and helping recruit new YPN members, Allison is excited for the year ahead. Learn more about her rental industry experience and all about her favorite moments at the recent ARA conferences in this month’s member feature!  

ARA YPN Member Profile: Brady Hanna

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New to the YPN, Brady joined this year and has already been making the most of it! After a great experience at the 2021 ARA Show and the YPN Event, he is ready to connect with his young professional peers and make a difference as the younger rental generation. 

Learn more about his experience at integraSoft, why he’s excited to be a YPN, and what his favorite moments at the ARA Show were in this month’s member feature!