Event Rental Training Courses (ERTC)

The Event Rental Training Courses (ERTC) are in-depth, self-study programs that focus on job-specific training.

Available individually

The courses offer content similar to the Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) program, but are designed for members who seek training in just one specific area.


This updated PDF download for the party and event delivery operations crew covers the different types of delivery vehicles, the delivery and pickup processes, on-site crew...
This PDF downloadable document covers sales fundamentals, including conventional sales techniques, upselling, closing the sale, event management, product knowledge and customer...
This PDF downloadable document covers tabletop inventory, design displays, working with customers, and handling the design and budget of events.
This updated PDF document explains the various tents used in the event rental industry along with the anchoring systems and accessory products.
This updated PDF document combines three previous subjects - Warehouse Management, Linen Processing Specialist, and Everyday Warewashing- into one.