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Theft Prevention

Theft is an estimated billion-dollar-a-year problem that continues to plague the equipment rental industry. The top ten states for equipment theft in 2011, as reported in the 2011 National Equipment Register Theft Report, were Texas, North Carolina, Florida, California, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma and Missouri. Theft in these states accounts for 59 percent of all theft. Click here for more information from the 2011 report.

ARA has partnered with the National Equipment Register (NER) to help members take steps that can stop construction equipment theft, put thieves in jail and return equipment to its owner.


Through NER's HELPtech Services, members can:

  • Help prevent equipment theft
  • Identify you as the owner of your equipment
  • Give law enforcement 24/7 access to information about your equipment
  • Increase your chances of equipment recovery

Register 1,000 units, worth $2,000 or more each, for free with your ARA membership -- a $3,500 value!

ARA Insurance will waive the deductible, up to $10,000, for theft or conversion of equipment registered with NER's HELPtech Services.

ARA members can register for HELPtech by clicking here.

More State Theft of Services Laws and Other Legislation

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