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ARAPAC, our association’s political action committee has supported pro-business Congressional candidates - regardless of party affiliation. Support us and make the rental industry’s voice heard.

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Joining ARAPAC does not obligate you or your company to make a financial commitment to ARAPAC. Prior approval allows us to keep you in the know about legislation that will significantly impact your business.

ARAPAC’s impact

ARAPAC has contributed to campaigns of pro-business candidates. Every contribution matters and has a direct impact.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I join ARAPAC?

    Simply complete the authorization form ...

    Simply complete and return the prior approval authorization form..
  • What is a PAC?

    Political action committees (PACs) are ...

    Political action committees (PACs) are separate, segregated funds established and maintained by organizations for the sole purpose of collecting and distributing funds to candidates for federal office. PACs are regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
  • How much can an individual contribute?

    An individual can contribute up to $5,000 each year...

    An individual can contribute up to $5,000 each year. ARA cannot accept corporate checks from "C" corporations; however, those set up as "S" corporations or "pass-throughs" can make contributions by check. Contributions are NOT tax deductible.
  • How does ARAPAC make money?

    ARAPAC solicits contributions from ...

    ARAPAC solicits contributions from ARA general members who have given prior approval for the solicitation. Those who consent join ARAPAC's restricted class and can be solicited at any time.
  • How do ARA members give consent to ARAPAC solicitations?

    The ARA provides members with the ...

    The ARA provides members with the prior approval authorization form.. Once this form has been signed, the member has joined ARAPAC's restricted class and can be solicited.
  • Who manages ARAPAC?

    ARAPAC is managed by the ARAPAC Council ...

    ARAPAC is managed by the ARAPAC Council, the councel which answers to the ARA Board of Directors. Council members are appointed by the president-elect. The council includes general members, ARA's CEO and vice president of government affairs.