Manage Your Risks: Facilities

Facility safety covers a wide range of topics from utilizing fire-resistant building materials to installing sprinkler systems to keeping your walkways clear of snow and ice that could cause slips and/or falls. Key safety measures that can help decrease the risk of negative on-site incidents and associated company liabilities are the topics of this section.

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1.0 Building
1.1 Materials, Design and Construction Considerations
1.2 Building Codes

2.0 Zoning/Environmental
2.1 Waste Disposal/Recycling        

3.0 Grounds/Landscape

4.0 Signage
4.1 Traffic Flow Signage
4.2 Caution and Safety Signs

5.0 Maintenance/Housekeeping
5.1 Maintaining Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning and/or Other Systems
5.2 Cleaning Facilities and Property
5.3 Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

6.0 General Safety Measures

7.0 Facility Security
7.1 Theft Deterrent Measures
7.1.1 Location
7.1.2 Lighting
7.1.3 Alarms
7.1.4 Videotaping/Surveillance
7.1.5 Gates/Fencing/Barriers
7.1.6 Securing Equipment
7.1.7 Guard Dogs
7.1.8 Additional Precautions

7.2 Developing Security Relationships
7.2.1 ARA Insurance
7.2.2 National Equipment Register (NER)
7.2.3 Local Law Enforcement Agencies
7.2.4 Other Rental Operators and Neighboring Businesses

8.0 Fire Prevention

9.0 Avoiding Premises Liability

10.0 Resources
10.1 ARA Resources
10.2 Downloadable Forms/Resources
10.3 Rental Management Articles
10.4 Websites

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