Ri$k Happens: A game of telephone

August 2020 - Angela Cady, AIC - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

First-time operator Arnold paid close attention as the rental store employee went over the instructions for the skid steer. Arnold had big plans for the backyard at his son’s house that weekend. He was happy his son had requested help and was looking forward to getting started. He wanted to be sure he was fully ready to tackle the project. The home improvement shows he watched made the projects look easy, but he knew it was not.

The next day, Arnold set to work on the project. He made good progress and stopped for lunch. His son had finished his own project for the day and wanted a turn with the skid steer. Arnold passed on the instructions he had received. The son listened but was eager to get going. He did not pay close attention.

A short while into his work, the son lifted the bucket of the machine high into the air and started off quickly at an angle. The machine flipped over suddenly. Arnold ran over to check on his son. He was wearing his seatbelt and the well-designed machine protected him. He escaped sheepish but unscathed. The skid steer was a bit battered.

The rental store owner proceeded to turn in a claim to his own insurance provider for the damaged machine. They will attempt to recover whatever is paid out from the renter and his insurance. We cannot control what people listen to or how they instruct others. However, good safety training can save lives and prevent many painful injuries. The rental store owner also took care to document the training given. If the renters had ignored the instructions and tried to blame the rental store for their ignorance, the rental store would have been able to show the customer had in fact received good training.

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