Ri$k Happens: Between a rock and a hard place

July 2020 - Mary Ann Gormly, CERP - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A man driving down the road realized he missed his turn as he went through the intersection. He slowed down and made a right turn at the next street. He thought he would go around the block and pick up where he would have been had he turned at the previous street.

The way was blocked by a road crew, so he took the next right which turned out to be an alley. As he made his way behind the row of businesses, the area became narrower and narrower. He carefully reached the end of the alley and prepared to turn left to continue on his way. As he was starting this turn he saw a very large rock at the end of the alley on the driver’s side of his vehicle. The large rock was protecting the corner of a structure that looked like it had been hit on several occasions.

He backed up to better maneuver his turn and heard a crunch. The corner of his box truck hit the brick wall of the business on the right side of the alley.

The driver didn’t intend to go down the alley but that is where he ended up. Remind your drivers to always be aware of their surroundings and use a spotter when backing whenever possible.

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