ARA Coronavirus Discussion Group: Face mask policies in the workplace

July 2020

The ARA Coronavirus Discussion Group on Facebook allows those in the equipment and event rental industry to discuss what’s going on in their businesses and ask questions to fellow members during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Each week, Rental Pulse will highlight a post from the week that garnered attention about a specific topic. This week’s post highlights a hot topic throughout the country: face mask policies:

“MASKS...we’ve had our staff wear masks for a few months...they came in wearing plain ones, patterns ones and some came with cartoon characters, but now I see a few wearing masks with logos and political statements. Wondering if anybody has a mask policy now?”

This post has more than 15 comments from other members of the group with many different thoughts. These comments include companies that have printed their logos on masks for employees, offering different kinds of masks to keep employees comfortable and how masks fit into the dress code.

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The ARA Coronavirus Discussion Group on Facebook was created shortly after the pandemic began as a place for industry members to openly discuss the challenges they were facing. The page now has nearly 2,500 members and continues to discuss all aspects of the pandemic’s impact on the industry.

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