Talbert Manufacturing traveling axle trailer

July 2020

The 55-ton 5553TA traveling axle trailer from Talbert Manufacturing, Rensselaer, Ind., can be used for moving low clearance and dead loads. The trailer features a 36-in. loaded deck height and 6-degree load angle. The trailer comes standard with a 20,000-lb. planetary winch that uses a direct-drive system. The winch is controlled with a six-function wireless remote, allowing a single operator to adjust the movement of the axles, winch and deck height from any position around the trailer, including from behind the wheel of inoperable vehicles or machinery being loaded.

The 53-ft. trailer is rated at 100,000 lbs. distributed and 80,000 lbs. concentrated in 10 ft. Multiple double keyhole tie-down slots are standard. The low deck height provides additional clearance under bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment.

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