Ri$k Happens: Outside in

June 2020 - Mary Ann Gormly, CERP - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A customer contractor rented a roll off dumpster to use on a house he was renovating.

The rental period was complete and the rental store employees went to pick up the dumpster. When loading the dumpster, they caught the corner of the roof on a detached garage on the property.

The rental store owners were going to pay for the damage out of pocket as it was a metal roof and the damage appeared to be minor.  However, when they made arrangements for payment the contractor claimed there is interior damage as well.

The owners decided it was in their best interest to report the situation to their insurance company for them to investigate. A field adjuster will be sent out to the site to evaluate whether the interior damage was caused by the rental store vehicle or something the contractor did while flipping the house and garage.

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