Lonsdale Event Rentals diversifies into mask-making for kids

Nov. 15, 2020

Lonsdale Event Rentals, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, which has been servicing party rentals for more than 50 years, has now diversified into making masks for kids to combat the business downturn due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The company will continue to operate its event business. However, for the time being, most of its efforts will be focused on Straz Kids Gear. The business has a unique selling point in that it is the only manufacturing company in Canada specializing in pediatric masks, and with a focus on locally sourced raw materials. The company expects to produce 10 million masks per month.

As the pandemic spread across Canada, the company saw a steep drop in business, losing up to 90 percent in sales. The events industry, which provides support to social gatherings, was one of those most severely impacted by COVID-19. As authorities hardened their stance against social gatherings, Lonsdale Event Rentals had to consider other avenues to generate new income streams.

Owner Chris Fellbaum and his team started searching for ideas to bring in revenue. After much brainstorming, they hit upon a plan to manufacture pediatric medical masks. As a result, Straz Gear was launched to produce face masks for children. The transformation of the event rentals business into a medical device manufacturer was not easy, but Lonsdale Event Rentals endeavored and recently completed its first week of full production.

Fellbaum and his team were quick to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19. “It was serendipitous that in the same week we heard news of another shut down for our industry, our team began full manufacturing of our pediatric medical masks,” Fellbaum says.

The company now produces high quality, hygienic masks specialized for kids. Made only in Canada, near Vancouver, the masks are made from top-grade, tested materials and the business adheres to strict international government regulatory standards of ASTM (USA) for medical-grade mask construction. The product is designed to provide better comfort, breathability, durability and filtration. Some of the advantages of the masks include 40 percent wider ear bands that are made of flexible spandex and nylon, smaller body length for a comfortable and formed fit, and inners made of hydrophilic softer non-woven fabric. No toxic glues or adhesives are used in the masks.

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