Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is a top priority for both general and associate members. The American Rental Association and ARA Insurance help you stay on top of those issues. For a detailed description of each product or to order online, select from the list below. 

ARA Professional Driver Education Program

Incidents involving rental drivers are more than just costly. They can result in significant consequences that no rental operation wants to face. Just take a look at this real-life scenario:

A damaged lift was being pulled off of a trailer by a loader. It fell off the side of the trailer and crushed a rental store employee, who did not survive his injuries.

Turn to the ARA Professional Driver Education Program, developed in conjunction with ARA Insurance, to provide your drivers the training they need to help them avoid an incident like this and many others. 

Additional products available to ARA members:

Statements of Best Practices (3) for Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Equipment free download
Statement of Best Practices for Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events free download
Safety Meeting Agenda Sheets
National Equipment Register (NER)
ARA Risk Management Newsletters 
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