Education / Training | Winter Webinar Series

ARA's 2013-2014 Winter Webinar Series

Each webinar is 75 minutes in length. Price per webinar is only $35 for members and $105 for nonmembers. Purchasers receive complimentary access to the archived version through 2014. Click on the title to access.

Ring, Ring – Your Customers Are Calling Archived Version

Speaker: Dan Rust, Frontline Learning

In today’s marketplace, most customers search the internet long before they call for more information. When your business is on the receiving end, does the customer get the sense that he called the right place and can stop shopping or that he is a bother?

This webinar will focus on the most essential skills and habits that help service professionals handle callers in a positive manner, therefore leaving the customer with a positive, lasting impression of your business. Participants will learn how to: 

  • Handle multiple calls and/or in-person customers
  • Place a customer on hold
  • Replace words that raise “red” flags

In addition, you will learn to utilize new skills and techniques to maintain a high energy level throughout the day and minimize physical and mental stress in the work environment. 


What Drives Sales? Archived Version

Speakers: Steve Abercrombie and Barbara Carper Nuss, CPA, Profit Soup

Everything you can do to increase sales falls into one of these three categories – 1) having more customers, 2) customers buying more frequently or 3) yielding higher average transactions values. This webinar will provoke discussions that explores these three areas and put actionable plans behind your sales projections for the coming year. What will you do to drive the growth you’re after? Who will take action and what resources will they need? How will you measure your success along the way? Gather your sales team for this strategic-focused webinar and then follow-up with a team meeting to set individual and company goals that will drive sales and establish a solid foundation for your upcoming budget.

Abercrombie and Nuss have spoken at past The Rental Show.

Social Media Strategies That Work Archived Version

Speaker: David McBee,

Need some advice on the world of social media? Would you like to increase the productivity of your current presence?

During this webinar, David McBee explains the nuances of the different social media channels and shares strategies that work for most businesses. David uses the content from a local small business that is reaping the benefits of social media exposure to highlight ways to get your users engaged and sharing your content. He also provides examples of what works and what should be avoided. Lastly, he'll touch on ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

The webinar concludes with a 25-minute question and answer period.

McBee has spoken at many ARA state association meetings as well as past The Rental Show.

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