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This nine module rental-specific, online certificate program for construction and general tool employees includes industry best practices and real-life video instructing students in various safety and customer service aspects of their job.

To view a short excerpt from a module, click on a video box below; click on the title to view the module's objectives.


Loading of Equipment
Load Securement
Unloading of Equipment
Delivery to the Customer's Site
Pickup from the Customer's Site
Customer Service
DOT Overview
On-the-Road Safety

Additional program highlights include:

  • Online

  • Rental-specific training for the construction and general tool employees

  • Improves safety, reduces risks and enhances customer service

  • Identifies safe operational industry best practices

  • Pre- and post-tests per module plus a final comprehensive exam

  • Checklists and links to pertinent websites

  • Nearly seven hours of instruction; each module contains 30 to 60 minutes of training

  • Participants are allowed 16 weeks to complete the program

  • Participants, who view the entire program and pass the module exams as well as the comprehensive exam, will receive a certificate of completion, a wallet card, uniform patch and hard-hat decal.

  • Supervisors receive a Coaching Guide to use for re-enforcing the program content


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