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Top IMR Associate Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

The Rental Show

  • Receive mailings about The Rental Show
  • Register for The Rental Show and receive badges in your agency’s name for all of your agency representatives. To be eligible for this registration, at least one of the manufacturers you represent must exhibit at The Rental Show.
  • Opportunity to reserve hospitality suites and meeting rooms in accordance with Show rules.

Advertising and marketing

  • Listing in the special independent manufacturer representative section of ARA’s Who’s Who in the Rental Industry membership directory. This listing will include the ARA associate member manufacturer(s) represented and the territory served.
  • Listing in the independent manufacturer representative section of the ARA Management Sourcebook/Buying Guide.
  • Listing on the Associate Member Locator on the ARA Web site, where ARA general members can locate suppliers by specific products.
  • Opportunity to purchase one-time use direct marketing mailing lists of ARA general members. Can be tailored by specific products, inventory type or state/region.

Access to vital industry-specific information

  • RENTAL MANAGEMENT magazine subscription, to keep you up to date on industry news and trends.
  • RentalPulse, the weekly e-newsletter that delivers timely industry and association information.
  • Who’s Who in the Rental Industry membership directory.
  • Management Sourcebook/Buying Guide, the product directory rental stores use to find suppliers of rental products.


  • Get involved and have an impact on the rental industry through volunteer participation on ARA committees, task forces or as associate member director on the ARA board.

Voting privileges

  • Each independent manufacturer representative member is entitled to one vote during the election of associate directors serving on the ARA board of directors.

ARA products, services, training and education

  • Purchase ARA products and services at the member rate.

ARA Foundation

  • Support rental by designating $50 of your annual dues to the Foundation, which provides programs to benefit the rental industry.
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