General Member Benefits
Through membership, we are able to go to seminars at The Rental Show ...

Join ARA — become part of the trade association for your industry

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What does this mean to you?

  • You join an organization that actively promotes the success of its members and the growth of the industry.
  • You have access to rental-specific products and services that can keep you at the top of your field — real bottom-line values for your business.
  • You connect with a supportive community that offers networking opportunities with other rental professionals.
  • You are kept up-to-date on industry news that affects your business.

It’s a simple step that, as a rental business, can help you maximize your return on investment again and again. See how:

General member benefits

General members of ARA consist of rental businesses that range from independent stores to large national corporations. According to ARA bylaws, these businesses must be engaged in renting tangible personal property to the general public.

Within our general membership, there are different categories:
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