State Issues

State Issues

Member involvement in advocacy and legislation at the state level is vital to making a difference for rental businesses locally and enabling them to support larger federal rental relief initiatives. ARA State Legislative Committees and the work they drive is a major component in the success of these initiatives.

Items on which ARA is collaborating with State Legislative Committees include:

ARA strives to keep members up to date on the progress that state associations are making on various bills in their capital cities. ARA’s State, Local and Provincial Leader’s Breakfast, held annually at The Rental Show, provides an opportunity for members to update and network with each other on progress made on bills in their state.

To assist members with tracking local legislation that may impact their business, ARA has partnered with MultiState Associates. MultiState allows members to easily track and review bills and legislation moving through their state’s legislature. ARA utilizes MultiState’s network of lobbyists when necessary to get a desired bill through a state legislature.

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the laws and initiatives that other state rental associations are pursuing, as well as your own. Many state associations and their legislators have used language from successful laws passed by other states.

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