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The Rental Show Special Awards

The rental industry has grown and prospered from the service of many leaders during the past 50-plus years. Each year, nominations are accepted to recognize individuals who have made a substantial impact on the industry at the national and/or international level. The new inductees are recognized during a ceremony at The Rental Show annually.

Rental Hall of Fame:
The Rental Hall of Fame is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historical development of the rental industry and its impact on our culture by honoring those who have served this industry continuously for many years and have made outstanding contributions at the national level.
Volunteer Award Winners:
ARA annually recognizes outstanding volutneers for their service to the assocition. The Distinguished Service, Meritorious Service, Special Service, Outstanding Leadership, Regional Persons of the Year and President's Image Award winners are dedicated to the success of the association and the equipment rental industry.
ARA Insurance/NER Award:
This award was established to highlight heavy-equipment theft recovery and the hard work of law enforcement personnel to prevent and recover this equipment. The award recognizes a sworn law enforcement officer or a civilian support person who has “performed exceptional service to the rental industry through the recovery of rental equipment or through theft-prevention initiatives.”


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