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ARA Insurance, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ARA. In the late 1970’s when insurance businesses were unable to find insurance coverage for their rental operations, the ARA formed ARA Insurance with the mission of providing the security of a stable insurance market. Since that time members have been able to depend on ARA Insurance for their rental specific insurance coverage and their risk management information aimed at improving safety and lessening insurance claims.

The commitment of ARA Insurance is to serve ARA rental members at the highest level with their understanding of the unique risks, coverage and service requirements for you to be successful in business. They offer a comprehensive insurance package, including liability and coverage for your equipment at full replacement cost. The board of directors of ARA Insurance is led by ARA members who are in this business and understand the importance of quality insurance coverage. In addition, insurance professionals hold board membership to lend expert advice from an insurance industry perspective.

ARA Insurance delivers service to ARA members through independent insurance agents working with the dedicated staff members in Kansas City. The nationwide program is the No. 1 insurer of ARA members. In addition to the insurance coverage, ARA Insurance and the ARA at the direction of a member risk management committee, cooperatively develop and distribute risk management educational products and services to insured members or to the industry. Insured members receive these risk management products free of charge or at minimal cost.

ARA Insurance and the ARA recognize the importance of insurance coverage within a rental business. We remain committed to offer quality rental specific insurance with a focus on safety to lessen your claims, lower your insurance premiums and increase your business success.

When it comes to getting the right insurance coverage for ARA members, ARA Insurance is Where You Belong.

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ARA Insurance
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