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Making a positive difference in the equipment rental industry is the purpose of the ARA Foundation. Elevating the industry starts by lifting each other up, whether through a word of advice, an educational opportunity or much-needed assistance after a natural disaster. That’s what makes the Foundation the true heart of the rental industry.

The Foundation was established in 1976 to provide scholarships for promising students looking to enter the rental industry. Today, the Foundation helps strengthen the industry and guide it into the future with these programs: a scholarship program, the Rental Executive Advisory Program (REAP), rental industry disaster relief and recovery programs and the international rental business leadership program.

Find complete information on the Foundation, its programs and its impact on the rental industry throughout this site.

Foundation Mission and Vision

Learn more about the Foundation’s purpose

Foundation Annual Report

The ARA Foundation publishes an annual report acknowledging its donors and highlighting the accomplishments of the previous year.

More information and the current report

ARA Foundation Focus newsletter

The ARA Foundation publishes a newsletter three times a year highlighting its people, programs and accomplishments.

The current issue and past issues

Foundation News Releases

The latest news provided by the ARA Foundation.

Foundation Fundraising Policy

The Foundation board of trustees created a fundraising policy statement for state. local and provincial rental associations.

The ARA Foundation fundraising policy

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